Finca Soledad, Ecuador

Finca Soledad, Ecuador

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We're happy to present to you our second release from producer Pepe Jijon and his farm Finca Soledad in northern Ecuador. Expect a complex and delicate cup with notes of citrus and white florals!

Optimal resting period: 14 days onwards

Brew Guide:

For more expressive coffees like this Gesha, we recommend using Aquacode as your brewing water with a dilution of 70-72ppm

We use a simple low agitation recipe of 15:250 at 96 deg.
0:00 add 60g of water in a circular pour
0:45 top up till 120g in a circular motion 
Before all the water has resided, continue to pour in the centre of the brewer slowly to reach the target of 250g.